HAPPY GOLD is a program designed to enhance any Aerobic Gymnastics Training. 

Starting from Fundamental to Advanced level HAPPY GOLD is a great tool for Coaches.

The Edge

What makes a Champion?


Being a Champion doesn't always mean being the best in the World, it means being the best YOU can be. Having the right mental attitude along with the tools to be able to deal with the difficult situations of an athlete's life. This is all included in the GOLD program.


HAPPY GOLD has been designed and chorographed by Paulo Santos. The program covers all aspects of Aerobic Gymnastics. Fundamental body conditioning, skill training, flexibility, dance, artistry and performance training.

Aside from the training program HAPPY GOLD can asist with the most up to date and original Music and or Choreography, customised to the athletes personality and ability. For more information regarding this contact the HAPPY GOLD Team. 


Right now HAPPY GOLD is availble in English, Japanese and Spanish with more languages to come.  Join our exclusive mailing list and you will be notifed when a new release is available


It is available via Direct Download with the option of DVD - just click here